We partner with XTag by Plentific to provide ground-breaking technology to help keep families safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our contractor, Phoenix Gas Services attach a barcode gas safety tag – which collects information about your home’s boiler and gas appliances – to the gas meter in all of our properties with a gas supply.

Having a smart meter fitted?

Please make sure your energy provider does not remove the gas tag when installing your new smart meter!

XTag App

Know my home is a new website/app that has been developed by XTag in consultation with our customer panel, so you can see that your home and gas appliances are safe.

By registering for Know my home you can:

● Check when your last gas service was carried out and the date your next service is due
● Find out the name of the contractor who carried out your last gas service
● Read the history of any gas work carried out in your home
● Access a copy of your Landlord Gas Safety Record
● Discover details of any gas appliances in your home

Getting on board

You can access Know my home by registering for a My Homes Plus account.

To get started you will need a current email address and your account reference number, which can be found on your rent statement.

If you already have a My Homes Plus account, simply log in and you will find a link to Home Safety.

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