Land at rear of Swinburne Close, Stafford planning consultation FAQs

How long will it take to develop the site at Swinburne Close?

Based on our proposed programme it would take approximately 2 years to develop the site.

Would the development of the site cause increased traffic in Swinburne Close?

Although there would be an increase in construction traffic during the development period, a traffic plan would be put in place to ensure that traffic and any disruption is kept to a minimum in addition to due regard to health and safety.

What would the hours of works be on the site?

Construction works normally take place between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday with the occasional Saturday working in accordance with any planning conditions.

Could the development work cause an increase in air and dust pollution?

Site cleanliness is one of the top priorities on all of our development sites so we always work with our chosen contractors to minimise air and dust pollution during construction. As standard, our contractors use dampening measures to reduce dust during construction.

Are you planning to retain the trees surrounding the development?

We are proposing that the mature trees along the boundary to King Edward VI High School, along with the trees to the Western boundary of site B, will be retained. Our plans also include the planting of new trees.

Will residents still be able to access the open space at the South of the site?

Yes, there will be a designated access point so that local residents can continue to enjoy the use of this area once the construction of the new homes has completed.

I would be interested in renting one of the new homes, how do I apply?

To find out more about applying for a homes, please visit our Homes to rent page.

Are you planning to build any shared ownership properties on this development?

Yes, we will have five two-bedroom homes and five three-bedroom homes available to buy through shared ownership. Severn Homes sell and advertise all of our shared ownership homes. To find out more, please visit the Severn Homes website.

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