Damp and mould policy – key facts

Our promise to you

We will:

  • Treat customers reporting damp and mould issues with respect and empathy
  • Respond quickly to any reports of damp and mould from our customers
  • Call to book an inspection appointment within two working days of receiving a report about damp and mould and attend the property to carry out the inspection within seven working days of receiving the report
  • Report – and act upon – any issues identified in your property when we visit your home for any reason, including safety checks, general repairs and home visits
  • Prepare a bespoke and dedicated action plan to remedy any issues that have been found, once an inspection has taken place
  • Make sure that our homes are surveyed periodically – known as our stock condition survey

Your responsibilities

  1. You should report any issues of damp and mould immediately
  2. You should notify us immediately if you require any repairs to your property that fall under our responsibility as a landlord. Responding quickly to repairs will help us to prevent future problems, including damp and mould. For more information about our repairs responsibilities, visit the documents section of the Homes Plus website or click here
  3. You should follow our guide to damp and mould, which explains:
    a. How we manage property-related issues that may have caused the problem
    b. How customers can help to keep a home ‘healthy’

Please remember – the general rule is to contact us if you have any concerns at all and not to leave
the problem unattended.

How should I report damp and mould?

Call our customer service team on 0800 048 8955

They will:

  • Record your contact details
  • Check our system for previous reports or repairs
  • Ask you for details of the location of the damp or mould, the size of the area it covers and how long it has been there
  • Ask you to send some supporting photographs, if you can

What happens when I report damp and mould?

  • The customer service advisor who took your call will send a survey request to our team of property inspectors, who are all qualified surveyors
  • You will be contacted by phone within two working days by a scheduler, who will book an appointment with you
  • The appointment should take place no later than seven working days after you report an issue with damp or mould. This may vary depending on demand
  • If repairs are identified during the survey, our colleague will make the necessary follow-up appointment while they are at your home and confirm the details with you. If a follow-up appointment cannot be confirmed on the day, we will send details of your appointment within three working days of the survey
  • Depending on the type of work that is required, you may be given more than one appointment as your repairs may need different teams or specialists
  • We might also need to install some temporary moisture monitors in your property, to track the levels of humidity during a short period of time. This will help us to identify the best remedy for your home

How do you treat damp and mould?

  • Where appropriate, experts will visit your home and clean any unaffected surfaces, before protecting them with an anti-mould agent, which will help to prevent the problem from returning
  • In addition to initial treatment, the survey will have identified the root cause of the problem. This means that we can carry out any necessary repair work
  • If extensive works are required and the surveyor confirms that they cannot be done while you are living in the property, we might suggest a short stay in temporary accommodation. This will be arranged in consultation with you

Contacting us

You can contact our customer service team for further advice and support about damp and mould or to answer any questions you may have about this guidance.

Call: 0800 048 8955

Email: askshropshire@homesplus.co.uk

Visit: www.homesplus.co.uk/damp-mould-and-condensation

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