Damp and mould policy

Our promise to you

Our damp and mould policy sets out what you can expect from us when dealing with damp and mould issues in your home. It is informed by legal and regulatory requirements.

We will:

  • Make sure that our homes are surveyed periodically – known as our stock condition survey.
  • Treat customers reporting damp and mould issues with respect and empathy
  • Call to book an inspection appointment within two working days of receiving a report about damp and mould
  • Complete an inspection within seven working days of receiving a report about damp and mould
  • Act upon any issues identified in your property when we visit your home for any reason, including safety checks, general repairs and home visits
  • Prepare a bespoke and dedicated action plan to remedy any issues that have been found, once an inspection has taken place
Policy Damp and mould policy 
Date adopted  May 2023 
Date of next review  May 2025 
Version 0.4 
Responsible board Homes board 
Responsible officer  Director of maintenance and commercial services 

Policy statement

This policy explains how instances of damp and mould – whether identified by one of our employees or reported by a customer – will be received, investigated and remedied by Homes Plus. The guidance in the policy allows us to best meet legal, regulatory and business needs, while ensuring a high-quality and effective service for our customers.

What the policy covers

This policy applies to all rented homes where the landlord is Homes Plus. Garages and outhouses are not covered by this policy.

Definitions contained in the policy

Damp and mould: Mould or fungal growths resulting from dampness and/or high humidities in the home.

This policy has been developed to:

  • Meet relevant legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure our responses to damp and mould are timely and reflect the urgency of the issue
  • Ensure we are delivering a cost-effective and customer-focused service
  • Ensure we have a robust framework in place to address damp and mould issues
  • Meet contractual requirements set out in the tenancy or lease

The following principles underpin our decisions regarding damp and mould:

  • We treat customers reporting damp and mould with respect and empathy.
  • We ensure our colleagues are appropriately trained to deal with the type of damp and mould issue they are addressing. This includes carrying out inspections or remedial works.
  • When responding to reports of damp and mould we will seek to determine the cause and find a solution.
  • Actions taken to rectify damp and mould issues are not the sole responsibility of the customer.

Identification of damp and mould

Our responsibilities

  • We will carry out periodic, independent surveys of our properties, based on age and repairs history
  • We will ensure that our employees have the skills – and knowledge – to identify and report damp and mould issues
  • If we visit your property for another reason and see any evidence of damp and mould, our teams will notify us and we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a full survey
  • We will ensure that we can identify complex cases at an early stage, through inspections
  • We will ensure that our reporting systems are accessible by all customers and through various channels

Your responsibilities

  • You should report any issues of damp and mould as soon as possible
  • You should notify us immediately if you require any repairs to your property that fall under our responsibility as a landlord. Responding quickly to repairs will help us to prevent future problems, including damp and mould. For more information about our repairs responsibilities, see the associated documents section on page three.


  • We will use our own suitably qualified surveyors to assess damp and mould issues. We will share the outcomes of all surveys and inspections with the customer, to help them understand the findings and be clear about the next steps
  • We will act on survey recommendations in a timely manner
  • We will take steps to identify and resolve any skills gaps, to ensure our surveyors have the appropriate expertise. This includes being able to properly diagnose – and respond to – reports of damp and mould
  • Our inspectors will adhere to the following service level agreement:
    • On receipt of any report of damp or mould in a property, we will complete an inspection within seven working days.
    • If extensive works are required, we will consider the individual circumstances of the household, including any vulnerabilities and whether it is appropriate to move the customer(s) out of their home at an early stage


  • We will regularly review the information, materials and support we provide about damp and mould, to ensure that they are effective in helping to avoid damp and mould issues in our customers’ properties
  • Once an inspection has taken place, we will prepare a bespoke and dedicated action plan to remedy any issues that have been found
  • We will communicate with our customers regularly about actions taken to resolve reports of damp and mould
  • An individual will be appointed to ensure that each complaint or report is resolved.


We will share learning from complaints – and the positive impact of changes made as a result – by identifying themes, trends and learning opportunities

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Regulatory guidance

The Housing Ombudsman published guidance in its ‘Spotlight on damp and mould – it’s not lifestyle’ feature, in October 2021.

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